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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 20, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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the postal service has a plan to make cash. they're launching a new line of clothing and accessories. we're waiting for the pictures but i i i understood it's good. the postal service calling it the rain, heat and snow all weather line. the c.e.o. of a design firm partner tells abc the clothes represent the legacy and and and row manhattancism. >> a kansas man is out of the hospital after celebrating a winning lottery ticket. one of the men bought a winning
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ticket and the two decided to smoke methamphetamine and marijuana. but first one of them tried to refill you beau contain torches they want today use. the vapor reached the pilot light in the furnace and kaboom. the other brother was not seriously injured because police arrested him. no word whether the lottery ticket survived the explosion. who gets the money? we've to have doug burns back and ask him. i'm harris faulkner. that's it for "studio b." so glad i could be here for shepard smith. he'll be back here tonight. headlines when you want them, now neil cavuto. [ sirens ] >> this just in, get ready to freak the heck out.
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forget meteors from space. the sequestration cuts go through, you'll be lucky to make it to march 2nd. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. lights, camera, calamity. the press on a media blitz to warn we're about to go bust. you might as well stick your head up your rear and pray. pray now. because get ready for hell and soon. get ready for poison meat because we'll have 2,000 fewer food inspection, more dangerous working conditions because we'll have 1200 fewer workplace inspections, get ready for more crime because we'll have a thousand fewer f.b.i. agents. more chaos on the street with 37 seriously mentally ill people not treated on the streets. millions of starving old folks
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with 400 fewer meals on wheels and fire is burning out of control because of thousands of furloughed firemen. run for cover now. abomination, republican tarnation, statewide devastation, owe little bit plaintiffs' exhibit racing, annihilation, frustration, i hardly have words to continue the conversation. today in the middle of this destruction a question. why only now this presidential mention? why only this week a congressional vacation? if we are on the brink, why only days ago was the president on the links? if republicans thinks think these pending cuts to defense are onerous, doesn't there being out of town look ridiculous? it does and it leads me to believe there's more to this. there's no crisis. there is no danger of eating mr. ed. or senior citizens not eating at
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all. there is no danger of fires burning out of control. there is no danger downsized law enforcement personnel losing control. it's made up to scare, to shift your attention from the relatively measly cuts we should do to the manufactured fallout. when all is said and done, remember the so-called cuts were there for the world to see. the president knew them well but seemed only days ago more preoccupied with sand traps than sequestration. congress new them well but sealed more intent on working on that are golf handicap than the budget handicap. if we were really about to cut to the core, why did these cut and run? maybe because the cuts weren't and are not that big and in a $3.8 trillion budget they're not cuts at all. maybe they're an excuse for a president not to make cuts add
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congress not to make him or them accountable. the president's wrapping up more than a half dozen interviews with local tv stations, warning of armageddon to go. the equivalent of a meet juror shower but this time everybody gets hit. last week it didn't warrant so much as a mention before this guy chose to hit the links. i'm not saying the president doesn't deserve a round of golf or congress the week off but if a meteor was about to hit the earth, i would hit the books. what do you think? >> i was about to jump underneath the podium, the way you set that up. in all seriousness, you're right. there's a line coming from the white house that started with the president yesterday when with first responders. it continued with jay carney today that, look, people need to
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be scared. bad stuff's going to start on march 1 if the automatic cuts kick in. today pentagon officials said the furloughs over among civilian defense employees will not kick in until late april, not in march. so the talk here about hubs of -- hundreds of thousands of jobs lost would happen over time but not immediately. the president yesterday talking about how people would lose child care, tens of thousands of parents searching for child care. that's not going to happen immediately. it would be over time. jay carney insists just the fear out there is hurting the economy and the point is not whether it's march 1 or march 10. >> what happens on march 1? , march 2? when you say -- the president said hundreds of thousands of jobs. there's not going fob hundreds of thousands the first week. >> no, but there will be job losses.
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>> quantify this, you're scaring the public that this is going to be happen. >> so the you don't see economic firms are scaring the public and the cbo. >> how do you back up that it's urgent and hundreds of thousands of -- >> i would love to rewind to the questions i get the day of the gdp figure came out for the fourth quarter. the questions were alarming. maybe you were trying to scare the public but you asked sensible questions. one of the reasons we got the number we got despite other positive news was because industries, especially in the defense sector, were anticipating the implication of the sequester. >> so speakeron boehner is out with an op-ed that also warns about major deep cuts coming as well. he puts the own news on the president saying he should have shown more leadership. jay carney noted this, because the white house is pointing out
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the split in the republican party. some say boehner shouldn't fall into the rhetoric and suggests speaker baner is losing the political battle. >> thank you very much. byron york will join us in a bit. i want to put this in perspective. 85 billion in a budget of $3.8 trillion. a debt of 16 plus trillion. this week, warning of a fiscal trap, last week more concern with golf traps. >> playing with mr. president was pretty cool. he's a wonderful person to be around and we won. he's an avid golfer and so am i. so we went out there and we had a great round of golf with ron and jim and it was a good day. >> a good day. but to herman cain, not exactly good optics. what do you think?
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>> neil, i think that it is an insult to the american people. the main reason the president is playing golf with respect to the sequestration thing, he does not care. he even said in 2011 that it wasn't going to happen. he has enough time with congress being in recess, he goes and plays golf, to play the blame game. to build a public case. neil, we do not have a leader in the white house. we have a politician in the white house who is more concerned about his public image because it has worked in the past. now, let's take this sequestration amount. 2% is what that works out to be. and it is basically trying to scare the public. people forget at the beginning of this calendar year, every worker took a 2% hit on their
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wages and they have to absorb it and we don't have a choice. what is going on here is they don't want to do their job. when you have to cut costs, you are forced to reorder your priorities. that's foreign to the people in washington from the president on down to the majority in the senate. >> well, but i say a pox on all their houses. i guess what i'm saying is regardless of what side you take, if we're creating this kind of a dustup over $85 billion in cuts, half of which are really delayed over the next ten years, and not immediate. what are we going food when this has to get more serious? we're whining now in the face of what amounts to rounding errors on rounding errors. >> they're whining like petition -- pigs on fire.
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they're not serious about cutting. we're going to have to replace most of the people in congress. this is not going to stop the president from his antics when it comes to saying one thing to the public and then doing e. that's been going on for four years. he's gotten away with it and that's what got him reelected. we're going to have to make wholesale changes to the congress, sending 90% back was not the right choice. >> they're not worried about the latest calamity or the president wouldn't have golfed and vacation would not be on the order for congress. i think they protest too much and they're lying. >> that's all it is. they -- you know, politically correctwise, i should say they are deceiving the public, but you see, political correctness
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left the building long time ago for me. they are lying to the american public. this is a manufactured crisis. yes, some people may lose their jobs in certain sectors but the wholesale damage like you talked about at the beginning of this segment, that is not going to happen. i want to remind people, we have to suck it up. it's the working class against the political class, the working class has had to suck it up. we didn't have to choice for our 2%, the political class wants to cry crisis such that they cannot do their jobs. the american people are sick and tired of it. >> well put. good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil. you do not have worry despite what they're warning and fearing you about that you're going to be eating horse meat. not a worry. you will have to put up with horse something else in the meantime. from the governmenter to the
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gypper. michael says driving a wedge between the two parties is now how his dad did it and not what this president should be doing either. your father had to reach at this point 27 years ago across the aisle on a pact to reign in spending and at the same time give in on revenues and raise taxes. you would say in the end when he left the white house, taxes were still lower than when he came in and there were more jobs than when he came in. nevertheless, he compromised. you argued too much so but he made the overture. you don't see this president doing that? >> he made the overture but he's waiting for $3 in spending cuts. this president is on the golf course with tiger woods. a wonderful day of golf but it's hard to sell we're in armageddon when you play golf and the
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congress of the united states takes a week off. there's no leadership at all back in washington. i don't care what side you're on, there seems to be none. it's like listening to two people arguing who is going to be the next host to the fear factor. and this is a game that's being played and we out here in the public of the ones it's played upon. i hope the public stands up and says fine, hit sequester. get there. because it seems you two can't work together at all. remember, it was the president's idea to have the sequester thinking things would get done. they kicked it down the road and still don't have a program. fine, go to sequester, and then talk to me. but i'm getting tired of both teams playing the sequester game at our expense. >> your dad was famous for saying -- i think i have it right. beat 'em but don't humiliate them, make it seem like both
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sides won and i would rather get 80% of the loaf than no loaf at all. the rap against this president is it's his way or the highway. republicans feel it's a waist waste -- waste of time negotiating and the president says with that attitude, why bother. >> the public -- my wife and i were talking, the public isn't angry yet. we're not mad enough. we're not mad we got hit by 2% more in our checks starting in january. we aren't telling washington they need to get their act together. it's uncoveragessable what is going on. it's interesting, they always pull out the fireman and policemen. >> and the food inspectors. >> they figured out we'll vote to raise taxes if we take that away. the first job of government is to protect the citizensry of the united states of america.
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>> good point. thankses. in front of a judge today with a guilty plea but tomorrow, i'm here to make a prediction. no. lobsterfest is the king of all promotions.
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guilty as charged. jesse jackson junior tells a judge he's guilty of conspiracy in connection with a spending spree on donor's dimes. prosecutors say he spent $43,000 on a rolex. 9,500 on kids furniture and on furs. faces nearly five years in the slammer but he's not facing, at least yet, slamming in the media. why is that? judge napolitano is sounding the
1:20 pm
hip hypocrisy alert. >> we've seen articles in the blogs, papers come out tomorrow that, don't have d illinois after his name as you always see after the name of recently resigned public officials. jesse jackson jr. not a democratic congressman from the city of chicago, unlike when tom delay was convicted and you saw republican former majority from texas and duke cunningham. not the to minimize the crimes of one or maximize the other. >> but treat both the same. >> right. it's interesting how our colleagues in the media, especially the left flank, rejoice over the downfall of people they disagree with politically and try to not cover with great detail the downfall of those whose politics they agree with. >> i wonder, too, the way this is presented, time and again
1:21 pm
when we have an issue, whether left or right, the left is cut a great deal of slack. i'm just saying whether it's a left or right issue, cover both the same. if you're going after the improprieties of one candidate, go after the other. with the same abandon but with the same zeal. >> agreed. his father is a historic figure, like him or dislike him. the father has friends across the political spectrum. what he did, he pleaded guilty, the deal he got is a paramount public interest. the public has the right to know about it and who he is no matter who his father is. and they have the right to know the depth and depravity of his criminal behavior. his lawyer cut a good deal. i could have faced 26 years, now he faces 5.
1:22 pm
>> do you think he'll serve? >> yes, the full five. there's no time off for good behavior. minute school time for good behavior. no early release in the federal system. 80% of the time to which you're sentenced. then we'll never hear from him again like blago. >> invisible. >> but where were the microphones going up to him and his father as they exited the courthouse in chicago? i didn't see them. >> i didn't see them either. and your homework is to look at your papers tomorrow and i'd love to be proven wrong, but have it. that's tonight's assignment. >> if we're proven wrong i have to be back here tomorrow. >> yes, you do. >> john mccain found out the hard way, voters are not keen on granting amnesty to illegals. they're angry about legals cut negative citizenship line which
1:23 pm
a guy who knows the law inside and out and what the president's planning will happen. >> i've had town hall meetings for 30 years. people are very happy that i have them and i listen to them and get back to them. occasionally i get a jerk like you -- how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology
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you're saying 11 million. it's more like 30 million n '86s they had 1 million and now 3 or 4 million. >> they said it was 3 million because i voted on it at the time. you're not telling the truth. you're not telling a fact. the fact is -- no, no, wait a minute. i have to stop when you tell these people something that's not true. >> you said build the dang fence. where's the fence. >> in case you missed it -- it's not a fence? it's a banana.
1:27 pm
we've put up a banana with $600 million worth of appropriations. you're entitled to your opinion, you're not entitled to facts. i've had town hall meetings for 30 years. people are happy i do and i listen to them and i get back to them. that's what this is all about. occasionally i get a jerk like you. >> immigration reform might happen but if arizona voters are any indication, or that guy, not the way washington is kicking it around. many are worried the illegal invasion that the devil, the arizona border e won't go away with a wave of a senator or president's hand or that promises that whatever comes, there will be at least 11 million illegals who are here that will quickly move to the back of the line when it comes to paving a pathway to citizenship. my next guess has done the math n the president sticks to his eight year path, a lot of them will be cutting in line.
1:28 pm
explain how that's going to work, steven? how does that work? >> with he don't have the details but here's the way both the president's plan and senator rubio's plan and senator mccain plan work. you get work authorization a, is social security number, driver's license, the ability to travel to and from the united states. then what they promise is they'll secure the border and once that's done, you move to the more forming green card. you get a legalization or amnesty then a real green card. the problem with that, one of the problems, is that there are lots of people waiting to come into the united states and they've already waited years. yet these individuals, get to live and work and live their lives out in the united states, so they're cutting in line. second, the way they talk about it, they'll be able to apply for
1:29 pm
citizenship before the person who still is waiting their turn overseas. so they cut in line both in the sense that they get to stay and the other person has to wait, and they get their citizenship or applying for citizenship earlier than the person who is playing by the rules. >> that's what was sticking in a lot of these town hall member's craw, this fear the process we already have in place to gain legal citizenship is usurped becaus rule of thumb, if you want to become a citizen, the goal to make it come true could take a decade. if there's an eight year time frame here, that is an outer end possibility. so just by the eight versus ten year time frame, a lot of folks are here illegally and cut to the front of line but you say many more will based just on being here as long as they have. >> the most important line that
1:30 pm
matters is the one being here and having a social security number and driver's license. in that sense, because you get that on day one, you are really very much cutting in line of everybody else. >> you already have some documentation in place, as crazy as it sounds, but you do. so get the ball rolling so, a lot of people who are waiting to go through the legal channels are going to throw up their hands at this and i wonder whether some get so discouraged, they say i'll try the legal thing because it worked for them. >> it does make everybody who plays by the rules look like a sucker for having believed in the system. if you're here legally with a h1v advice is a that let's you work temporary you're not eligible. if you had become an illegal alien, you would be eligible. the person who plays by the rules is going to be penalized for by this system. i think that's what concerns a lot of people. one of the things that concerns
1:31 pm
a lot of folks. >> thank you very much. still a lot we don't know. gas prices on a tear and not a peep from this president. remember the last time something like this happened with the last president? >> two oil men in the white house, $4 plus gallons of gas. >> while the president may northbound the dark about the price -- in the dark about the price of gasoline, the americans know very much. >> asked over how much the bush proposals would lower prices by summer vacation, all the white house could do was sidestep. >> why to pumped when it's bushed and not to pumped when it's barack? ♪ ♪ ♪ thought of the day.sleeping. >> builders where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there.
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we poured tens of dollars into that graphic. today's bs alert concerns the following, gas prices soaring and this guy gets a pass. the same happened to his predecessor and he did not get a pass. i'm not saying one is right and one is wrong but if your standard is fury at the white house over rising gas prices, shouldn't you go after both? not when it comes to mainstream media and powers in washington who ignore 30 days spike in gas
1:36 pm
prices. twice as bad as the minor spike? prices that triggered an uproar. it's did it's weird. >> good afternoon. i don't think it's a huge surprise to folks in your audience that there are two worlds, the mainstream media and newspapersnd in this country tell us about and the one that millions of americans are living in day in and out. the reality is you mentioned one very good example how gas prices recovered under bush as opposed to obama. there are so many examples. don't forget the fact over a four-year period, president obama's job creation total when you takes on the job lost and gained was a anytime of 2 -- net of 25,000. every five days, roughly that many people come into the
1:37 pm
workforce. in four years he created enough jobs to fill a week's worth of new job applicants in the united states. president bush had better job numbers. not great but were better job numbers and we remember in 2003 and 2004 we heard talk about the jobless bush recovery. the media of course will give obama a free pass on the economy but they didn't cover the obama economy with near the kind of voracity. >> when it comes to this stuff, if you're going to be aggressive on one, be aggressive on all. like we raised from the coverage of jesse jackson junior. if you go after republicans for inproprieties go with equal zeal covering democrats in theirs. on the economy stuff, we are led to believe that we are in the
1:38 pm
middle of a gang busters's recovery when even to date we're net jobs down in this administration, to say nothing of not keeping up with the increase in population you pointed out. i wonder as i see this going forward some years whether even in coverage of the whole sequestration, it's republicans being intransigent wanting to control spending and not democrats who seem to be equally zealous not wanting to control reigning it in. what is good for the goose ought for good for the gander. >> what's happening with sequestration and a couple of your guests alluded to this. president obama has a political strategy. act three in a three part play. two years ago when the debt ceiling debate happened, president obama said either give me what i want or you'll get blamed for the economy
1:39 pm
cratering. we saw part two last december. president obama said give me the tax increases i want or you'll be blamed for the economy contracting. now part three, give me the tax increases i want or you're going to be blamed for sequestration happening next week. 80s political tactic that has worked. he got away with it the first two times. sometimes what is smart politics is the opposite kind of government and it's the irresponsible. i don't think any of us know what will happen next week. i would be as surprised as you are if barack obama administration allowed some of the cuts to happen the president has been talking about. this is political gamesmanship that's going on while for middle class americans, not only the gas prices going up, but they got a hike in social security taxes and by the way, most americans or a good chunk of middle class americans pay more
1:40 pm
in fica than income taxes. president obama did not to renew the hike in fica taxes. in addition to that, consumer confidence is slowing down and everyone in the audience ought to appreciate, the last quarter of last year we had contraction in the economy. we had the economy not just slow down, we had the economy contract. >> and we get another quarter like that this year, we're back in recession. >> we'd be back in a recession. you saw the housing data today, this is the weakest recovery and it continues to be the weakest recover in my lifetime. i know democrats like to call that republican talking points. the reason we keep saying it is it's the reality. we know if john mccain won and had a recovery this miserly, we'd hear about the pathetic mccain recovery.
1:41 pm
>> good seeing you again. >> thank you. what the frack? in your state putting fracking back on the back burner. maybe it should look to pennsylvania. john roberts with this tale of two states. john, what's going on? >> well, it could be all about politics. you have a governor in new york state who might run for president and environment lobby threatening war if he does allow shale gas drilling. we report, you decide. the big losers this could be the thousands of new yorkers who could benefit from the economic benefits of fracking. look at bradford county, pennsylvania. 1200 wells have been fracked. the county seat is still a boom town and retired a $5 million debt, lowered property tax by of%. unemployment is up because of a slow down in drilling but 2 points less than he will meyer i
1:42 pm
can't. new york. the commissioner says it's an economic game-changer and he can't figure out why the energy independencend jobs it brings would not be a national prioritity. >> we have elected officials that need to talk about the news of development of energy. i don't understand what these people are thinking. >> you talked to environmental groups in new york state, they believe in you allow fracking, the pristine farmland could be an industrial waste site. or at least industrial accident. people in new york who are supportive hope a decision would be based on good economics and sound science and not the politics of presidential aspiration. >> sounds like a concept. thank you very much. have baby l sue. have baby, you don't want. will sue even more. the story of a woman whose birth control pills didn't work so she's given birth to the most
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officers comes recall -- first recall, then baby, then a lawsuit in a costly carriage. a new mom is suing a pharmaceutical company after the birth control pills were put in the wrong order. the company recalled the pills but it was too late. shanna got pregnant and had a baby and wants compensation from the cost of raising her baby and the ensuing emotional pain. does she have a case? mercedes, does she have a case? >> can she read? that's the first question. if you can read, it says on the package 91% effective.
1:47 pm
even when you use the pills in order as it's supposed to be, it's only 91% effective. so that's what the warning is. the warning's clear. even if you take the pills, you may get pregnant so take other precautions. that's why these cases fall on their face. >> in this case it was the company that got the order out of whack, right? >> that's what happened. usually there's rows and the placebo was mixed with the active ingredient. the argument is the defect i the defectiveness of the item. it's not that it was ineffective. it reduced the efficacy. it's a products liability case.y so you can't get pregnant or reduce your -- the ability to. here she didn't have a shot because the placebo was at the wrong time. >> the 98% efficacy rule doesn't reply even if the company
1:48 pm
screwed up? >> i think they'll say you have cull ability too because we can't guarantee you won't get pregnant, however the manufacturer made a 1.4 million recall saying we're taking our product back. we made a mistake, we were negligent. it's too late. >> even under those circumstances, very clear, the companies come forward and say we represent pharmaceutical companies. when they make a mistake and they're recalled, it depends. even if you use the product as intended, even if packaged correctly, it's only 91%. >> but in this case it was not packaged correctly. >> even when there are mistakes like this, if you have that type of warning, it gives you a layer of protection. >> whether it's your screwup or not. >> exactly. otherwise, they won't even do a recall. what you don't want to happen is if a mistake is made, the companies can't recall. >> did they do a really.
1:49 pm
>> they did. they say you made a recall, now you're punished. there's a layer of protection. is that warning sufficient that even in the circumstances where there are recalls -- >> who made the recall? a pharmacist. the company didn't find it out. it was too late. listen, even though it's not perhaps child rearing damages for this child until the child's 18, there's mitigating factors that would allow her damages. medical cost, emotional distress. she didn't want to have a child. it's horrible for the child to go through this litigation. >> 20 years later for that little girl -- to the mother's credit, she had the baby, but she's saying look at the time and suddenness. i guess i'm asking what are the repercussions. if the company can mexico up packaging -- mix up packaging or directions and not get punished,
1:50 pm
that is a slippery slope. >> absolutely. there has to be culpability. people in this exact situation have filed suit against manufacturers and recouped money and damages. to what extent is the question. i don't think it's a slam dunk loss or a slam dunk win but they'll settle out of court. we're saying -- >> if you were in a similar situation. >> directly on point. the courts say if the warning is sufficient, they don't get anything. >> but even if it's the company. >> they reflect on the warning. >> that's their position. >> absolutely. it makes sense because if you don't give that layer of protection, you don't have recall and protection for other companies to recall the product. >> you sound like one of these crazy lawyers, didn't you read the fine print on your carnival
1:51 pm
cruise line ticket? >> i had a client who said why is there a warning on my ink in a says do not consume? someone consumed it and they put a warning on it. >> it's foreseeable it could have happened and they could have protected themselves in a better fashion. there's a -- specific tort that talks about wrongful contraception. that's the problem, unwanted pregnancy. she took a prescription birth control pill that did not work properly. >> i worry about that little girl. >> i know. >> read me the story about how you didn't want me. >> poor thing. >> she's got a beautiful baby girl. all right, turning out those boeing dreamliners aren't the only thing smoking.t day fo. wait until you hear what's got labor steaming.
1:52 pm
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401 not okay, not to some boeing technology workers who would sooner strike than switch a pension change. boeing's plans to move workers to 401(k) plans of which we're familiar in the private workforce rather than the set company provided pension plans for which most of us have but fond memories. it may be old news for us who foot or post retirement bill but it's not welcome news for these folks who would sooner drive a dreamliner to a halt than give management the edge. the latest case of unions hurting themself and now maybe hurting us. >> you've been in the news. >> i know. >> first off, what do you make of this? >> i mean part of this is just
1:56 pm
the continuing fight over 401(k)'s, the reason we have fond memories is that they -- excuse me, defined benefit pensions, they paid people more in retirement than many people get from 401(k). this is a fight which boeing wants to have new employees, not existing but new hires subject to 401(k)'s. boeing had a damaging strike in 2000. hurt a lot and they had the labor unrest over going -- moving to south carolina. , expanding, not taking anything out of washington state. they've had a continuing fight and -- within the labor force. >> neil: i wonder where it goes. my rule of thumb on -- when dealing with a company with a fork force that's bitter, particularly when they make airplanes, i'm not saying they would get sloppy but i'm not one to tempt fate.
1:57 pm
>> we want airplane manufacturers and pilots to be vigilant so i don't think that's the cause or the -- of their problems but the fact is they're having problems with the 787's, not a great time for labor unrest but boeing says, for us to survive and prosper in the future, we can't keep giving out these defined benefit pensions. most of the rest of private industries switched a long time ago. >> a long time ago. let's switch gears, i knew you were a bigwig, you come up in today's press conference. jay carney using you to support the president's argument on sequestration. >> why would republican support a measure that threatens national security and thousands of jobs? the effect is to make president obama seem reasonable. after all, the president agrees
1:58 pm
with boehner the sequester cuts threaten national security and jobs. obama wants to avoid that. couldn't have said it better, that was byron york. >> i hate to use jay carney of cherry picking my quotes but that's what he was doing. i was critical of an op-ed that speaker boehner wrote in the "wall street journal," first sentence saying the sequestration cuts would threaten u.s. national security and cost thousands of jobs. you would thing why are you for them? the argument republicans should be make something it's a first and modest step toward getting control of out of control government spending. >> and modest at that. thank you.
1:59 pm
. ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we created the luxury crossover and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.


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